Friday, June 7, 2013

Definition of  global dominance in the modern world  

Based on the information we have learned this term, the main goal to achieve global dominance is by obtaining political power, economical powers, and military power. If these powers are then achieved, the nation will be able to utilize these powers in the foreign battles. For example, the United States has become one of the globally dominant powers after two world wars because of their strong economical and political strength. When the United States intervened in the two wars, they helped the Allie power to turn the wars around and dominate. Additionally, the quick end to the war after the involvement of the U.S helps show their advanced military power. When the United States entered WWII in 1941 they helped prevent the Axis Powers from taking over all of Europe, spreading hate for the Jews. Another example that shows United State’s global dominance can be seen by their involvement within the United Nations. The fact that 90% of the UN troops were from the United States that helped support Southern Korea in the Korean war shows how dominant they are and how important it is to them to intervene in world issues. Even though the Korean War is not officially over and is at a standstill, there are still military troops in Korea, which shows the United States willingness and readiness to restart the war and continue to exemplify their dominance of the modern world. Will Perry Tan Block

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