Thursday, June 6, 2013

Term 4-Extra Credit
What Defines Global Dominance in the Modern World?

          Global dominance is expressed by a group of powers who are motivated to benefit their own government, economy and military, and take appropriate measures in decision making, in order to get things to go their way. In the Treaty of Versailles, the five Allied Powers: US, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan make themselves permanent members of the League's Executive Council. The powers deliberately exclude both Germany, and Russia; their two enemies during WW1. The Allied powers set up their own system that forces Germany to pay for the military losses throughout the entire war. These five powers are looking to show the losing side of the war, that they obtain power, and are in it together, controlling the majority of the world's actions after their permanent placement in the League of Nations. Also, the creation of the UN Charter is a group of powers who wish to spread their knowledge about the government, the economy and the military to the rest of the world. The ultimate goal of the UN was to rework the government and social aspects of the world in order to prevent the reoccurrence of WWI and WW2, and to create value in human rights. Essentially, the UN is going to apply their own policies on government, and social aspects on to other countries and nations in the world that aren't up to the standards that the nations involved in the UN would likes these places to be. Therefore, by posing regulations such as trusteeships and international social and economic co-operation, the UN is saying that they are going to go into these countries and regions and try and succeed in hooking these places onto the government and social aspects that are practiced within the UN. Furthermore, the US is an example of a dominant power who takes into consideration their own stakes before taking action. In the war of Vietnam Vs. France, the US side with the France. Although in the UN Charter it discusses the policies regarding which side to take in a two-sided conflict, the reason for the US choosing to go with France is because they are supporting imperialism. The US will not stand for a Vietnamese victory because the Vietnamese are communist, and will form a communist government. Therefore, global dominance is defined as leading powers who work to change policies and governments in favor of what they support, while trying their best to remain at peace, and control the foreign affairs on the global scene.

Diana Katsikaris
Blue Block

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