Thursday, June 6, 2013

Term 4 Extra Credit

Term 4 Extra Credit
Eunice Lee
What defines global dominance in the modern world? 

            Based on the informations we have learned throughout the course, the bottom line for a global dominance is political, economical, and military power. Then, under these power, the nation must have ability to invovle in foreign issuses neutrally and legitamately or has an sphere of inluence toward world. For instance, United State has become one of the globally dominant nation after World War II, in which they first revived their economy through manufactuing militray supplies for the Allies during the war. In addition, the quick end of war after United State’s invovlement proves their advanced military power. Another example that shows United State’s global dominace can be seen from the Korean War. Not only the fact that United State was one of the major power in U.N Security Council, but also the fact that United State set up a tursteeship government in South Korea and the fact that 90% of U.N troops were from United State shows their dominance to interfer in global issues. Also their occupation in Korea was performed based on U.N charter not injustice. Moreover, the fact that there are still Unite State military base in Korea shows their unwaining global dominance. Lastly, the democratic government in South Korea demonstrates United State’s phere of political influence. 

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