Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Term 3 Extra Credit

Peter Hereu
The two units that I think I can connect together and further connect to World 2 would be imperialism and nationalist movements. The way I am connecting these three units would be how imperialism and nationalism were causes of World War 2 and further more how nationalism was within imperialism. Nationalism was found within imperialism, as these leaders that conducted these imperialistic movements would give the soldiers a reason to fight for their country. For example, in Italy Mussolini arranged for every soldier that was wounded was to where a patch that said, “it doesn’t matter”. This would emphasize the fact that the personal injury didn’t matter as the outcome for the country was more crucial. Another example would be in Japan, which was to believe in the gods that the totalitarian leader spoke of. This would give the soldiers a great reason to fight for their country. Both these examples happened before an imperialistic action to therefore make the nation stronger.

To more specifically connect all three of these units, Imperialism used nationalism to give the soldiers a reason to fight and believe in the nation, which would create successful imperialistic actions. Then furthermore connecting World War 2 as the use of nationalism and imperialism created international tension that created the all-important domino effect to create a second world war.    

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