Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quarter 3 Extra Credit-Victoria Klenk

            2 units that connect are the classical world and the medieval world. In both units, the Chinese empire maintains regional dominance. In the classical world, China had regional dominance. They showed their regional dominance in their advances in architecture and science. On example of this is their advances water engineering. The “Chinese built canals…for military purposes…for transporting commercial goods as well”1. The Chinese used their technology to first expand and help their military, and then to expand their economy.
            In the Medieval world unit, the Chinese empire was also regionally dominant. During Medieval times, china had advanced cities with large market places, and bridges.2  Like in Classical times, this shows china’s regional dominance through their engineering. They are once again helping their economy by building easily accessible and large market places. Throughout history china used their advanced technology to better their economy.
1"Enviornment + Technology: Water Engineering in China," in Unit 2: Classical Civilizations and Regional Dominance, 68.
2Marco Polo, "Of the Noble and Magnificent City of Kin-Sai," The Italien Merchant Marco Polo Described the Magnificent Chinese City of Kin-Sai, 1299, 96.

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