Monday, April 1, 2013

Term 3 extra credit-Giuliana Psyhogeos

Giuliana Psyhogeos
Extra Credit- Term 3
   Though we have studied many units this year the two that connect most to the current unit, World War II are Nationalist Movements, and Interwar Totalitarianism.  In Nationalist Movements nations stood together unified, to benefit the country as a whole.  The struggles from during and after the war lead people such as Hitler and Mussolini into power.  The people needed a stable role within their countries the Totalitarian leaders were the answer.  The strive to become a unified state lead countries into Interwar Totalitarianism, which leaders controlled every aspect of the peoples lives.  Having one person in charge, taking total control over all bodies of the country from one person.  Totalitarian leaders were trusted as the people needed a strong figure to look towards during the hardships of the wars.  As the Totalitarian leaders rose to power the strengths of countries as a whole did as well.  The actions taken by the leaders connect to World War II as they were involved in the start of another World War.  Connecting Nationalist Movements, and Interwar Totalitarianism to the study of World War II helps because Totalitarians rose from nationalist ideals and contributed to World War II. 

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