Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10th Grade World History Extra Credit Term 1: Charlotte Brick

When working on the Industrial Revolution Writing Workshop assignment, I demonstrated a growth mindset and was able to improve my self. When put into groups one, two or three for this assignment I chose group two to be best fitting. I chose this because I knew I could rely on myself for coming up with a thesis but I also knew I could use the help of working with my peers to improve myself. Being placed in the group two actually did end up benefiting me. I was able to learn from the kids that I worked with and see their ideas on the subject; which opened my eyes into different ways in answering the one question. I often have trouble changing my thesis once it’s been made, but during this assignment I changed my thesis three different times. I think this shows the growth mindset because I was willing to change my work and admit that the first product although may seem good, might not always be your best answer. Using the growth mindset allows you to push yourself and use your talents to their greatest level. The growth mind set also doesn’t mean you have to be 100 percent correct, sometimes you will be wrong but the ability to be willing to try again means a lot. Just knowing that you put all your effort in shows that your trying and will eventually learn or succeed. 

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