Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Modern World History extra credit

Tyler Jung

            This term, I have demonstrated the growth mindset during the first writing workshop. We were supposed to write, and peer edit the theses and body paragraph’s of our classmates. The body paragraph and thesis was about the industrial revolution. I definitely received some positive feedback, from both my peers and you (Ms. Shapero).  Most of the feedback revolved on the relevance of my thesis and the analysis in my body paragraphs.  I took the feedback into serious consideration, as I know that in the past I have had difficulties with writing theses and analysis.  I demonstrated the growth mindset by not giving up on my writing! I’ve been making similar mistakes since the beginning of 9th grade, yet I have improved TREMENDOUSLY, although I’m far from a perfect writer. I will continue to work on this, and hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll improve even more! This mindset improved my learning, because instead of giving up on my writing, I am and will continue to try to improve on it as the year progresses.  

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