Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Modern World History Extra Credit
Blue Block
Diana Katsikaris 

A time when I displayed a growth mindset was during the 1st term was when we were drafting thesis statements as a group for the Communist Manifesto Collective Argument. At first, our thesis statement was all of my group’s idea thrown into one sentence. We were having some difficulties incorporating all of our ideas and making the wording sound correct. Then, we received some feedback from Ms. Shapero where she asked us how and why, and some more questions on our thesis, which helped us to decide what we needed to elaborate and focus on. I demonstrated a growth mindset because instead of giving up and just letting one person in the group come up with the thesis, I tried to include everyone’s ideas, and also played around with wording. I did not have one or 2 drafts of a thesis, but many. There were crossed out words, and many edits on the page. We also talked as a group about how we could express all of our ideas in the best wording possible. The growth mindset helped improve my learning because we worked and negotiated as a group, and continued to play around with wording and ideas to make our thesis statement a finished product of a factual and a judgmental statement.      

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