Tuesday, October 30, 2012

world history extra credit

Evan Megan

During term one I demonstrated a growth mindset when transitioning from the Thomas Malthus paragraph onto larger writing assignments such as the first writing workshop, in which I made an essay outline about how industrialization spurred new ideologies about social and political rights. When writing the Thomas Malthus paragraph, I used writing strategies from last year, such as always making clear connections between analysis and the thesis. After getting the paragraph back, you hadn’t written a grade, but instead formative comments, which included making a clear topic sentence. By receiving comments instead of a grade on my paragraph, my attention became focused on improving my writing, as opposed to accepting my grade with a fixed mindset. Using a growth mindset, I pursued improving my writing by targeting specific elements which I had received comments on, such as topic sentences, during the writing workshop assignment. I saw a big improvement in the writing workshop assignment from my Thomas Malthus paragraph because, the growth mindset I had allowed me to focus on improving my work in specific areas I had received formative comments on.

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