Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Term One Extra Credit

During the first term of Modern World History I feel that I have displayed a growth mindset. A couple weeks ago you told us the date of our first test. Knowing that I am usually very bad at taking tests, I freaked out. I also had 3 other tests that week, so I was even more stressed. I had about 3 days before the test and I had many other assessments to prepare for and I became very overwhelmed. The day before the test I was studying all the material and going over it with my mom, having her quiz me. I kept saying “ I cant do this, I am going to fail”. This did not help me because it only put me in negative thinking. I changed “ I can’t do this” and “ I am going to fail” to “ I can do this, this material is hard but if I keep studying I can learn it”. Even though I didn’t do the best I have ever done on the test, I knew that displaying the growth mindset put me in a better mood and a more positive attitude toward tests. This growth mindset improved my learning because it keeps me having an open mind, a positive attitude and becoming less stressed. I will keep changing my fixed mind set, to the growth mindset to help me over the year. -Natasha Snapper

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