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Christopher Columboss


Christopher Columbus-By Will Mountzoures

Christopher Columbus

                   October 31, 1469
    The arrival of the annual celebration of my birth has presented itself today, thus being the 18 time. However, my mind has occupied itself with my plans for the future. I must exit myself from the line of trade I follow my master father in, that being weaving, and journey to make a life of myself outside of Italy. But with no teachings, my options are limited, for I must travel to new lands to open opportunities for me.

                   Spring, 1476
    I am aboard a trade fleet from Italy, with a course set to the lands of England. I have been increasingly successfull over the passing years since I started by trade. I have started to take longer voyages, for larger income, and am gone for months on end.

                   May 15, 1476
      Bad goes to worse as I have finally set feet ad terra, but it is not in good heart as my ship has been sunk by those fie French. I have landed with nothing to my name in the empire of Portugal. I guess this is what I get when I wish to journey to new lands for opportunities.

                   March 7, 1492
      Today the king of Portugal has rejected my proposal to sail to the wonderous lands of the Indies, as described in Marco Polo's account of the far east.
                   April, 1292
      I have turned to the leaders of Spain to fund my voyage to the new world. King Ferdinand V, and Queen Isabella I are much generous, but they expect results. I am to search for a passage to Asia, which all will benifit through trade, and contact.

                 Accounts of Columbus's Expeditions:

First Expedition:          October 12, 1492

Our goal is near. The island that I am to name San Salvador is in sight, and when we are to land, I shall leave 40 of my men to colonize it in the name of the Spanish. I am to return with gold, exotic animals, and human captive that I have plundered and killed many for. Many of my crew show distaste, but I am proud.

Second Expedition:      Spring, 1494

Without much homestead time, I had been ordered to embark on another great and timely journey by the Queen. My colony of 1000 men have landed on Cuba, that I shall rename Santa Domingo. Upon exploring the coast, I have been informed that my first colony has been slaughtered by brutal, inhumane savages.I have led a conquest against the Tanoia, killers of my men, not out of vengence, but for the gold of their rich lands in Hispaniola. I will return with prizes, but not the golden prize we still all hope for, a strait to India

Third Expedition:          May, 1498

I have landed in Trinidad on my third return to these land, only to discover two things: the land of South America, and my colonies in revolt. While away, bloody Spaniards have convinced my fair Queen that I am an unfit governor of these lands. I discovered these lands!!! I am to return to spain in chains, no welcome waiting. I am convicted for weak rule of the colonies due to no communication, and extreme and harsh conquest against the natives. I see no wrong doing!

Fourth Expedition:        May, 1502

I have finally been pardoned for my no wrong doing. I am to set of on what I hope is my last voyage for these betretiourous Spanish. I do this only out of favor of the Queen.

                                      January, 1503
Finally have I escaped those hurricanes. I have been searching for what seems to be half a year for the elusive passage to Asia that I only now doubt. I will colonize this last territory as Panama, and return to my homeland.

                                      December, 1504
Finally have I returned after being marooned on pPanama for nearly a year, having lost my only supporter, Queen Isabella, to death. Here ends my journal as an explorer.

Christiopher Columbus died on May 20'th, two years later, never to have found the unexistant water route to Asia.

       The strive for discovery was caused by there being an increasing emphasis on secular topics, including geography.  Skepticism encouraged people to challenge older geographic notions.  Humanism  gave captains the confidence to cross the oceans with the tiny ships and primitive navigational instruments.
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