Monday, March 11, 2013

The Journal of Hernando Cortez~mallory magee

It is the morning of March 12, 1519, it has been a year since we decided to leave Cuba, where I have been living since 1511 when I received land for aiding on the expedition to Cuba. I was born into a poor noble family of Medellin, Spain, but I was fortunate enough to go to the University of Salamanca and study to be a lawyer. The governor of Cuba, Velazquez, whom I helped discover Cuba, appointed me to lead a mission to explore lands to the west. The land is said to have gold. My followers and I are also hoping to conquer the people on the land to Christianity, as well as conquer their land. We have just arrived on the coast of Mexico, Cozumel.
Arrival of Cortés in Mexico
We have been traveling the coast and have heard from the Mayas that there is a central government in Mexico, called the Montezuma II. They have been sending us gifts of gold, because they have heard that that was our main intrigue of tis exploration. I will continue with this operation, despite our increased wealth, in the name of the spanish king, for its wealth and spread Christianity.

These people known as the Aztecs are intellectual, and know of the sciences, maths and literature. Rebels of the Aztec empire are now our allies and will help our 400 troops and overthrow the Aztecs.

Today is November 18, 1519 and we easilily got into the city, and trapped Mentezuma in his own palace, and later unknown assassins killed him.

A majority of the Aztecs are continuing to be murdered. Being trapped in large centers, and by a smallpox epiedmic.

It is now the year of 1524 and we have completely conquered Mexico. The Spanish kind however has not appointed me the viceroy, he chose antonio de Mendoza, becasue of my violent approach to conquer.

Overall we were successful, we were able to conquer the territory, and defeated the Aztec people. They were killed and we gained access to their gold. But I was unable to get the recongnition I deserve fromt the king, which is very unfourtunate. I guess now I must go and explor more territories, possibly to the North.

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  1. I am glad to hear that you were successful in conquering Mexico. What could do you think you could have changed to get the recognition you think you deserve?
    Zheng He

  2. Nice to hear that others have too conquested territory for our great country Spain. Too bad you did not get the recognition, did any Aztecs survive? I hope that word of my conquest reaches the king despite my death.
    What about the Mayas? Have they been converted to christianity?
    Spanyards forever! Long live Spain!
    -Ferdinand Magellan

  3. Congratulations on conquering the Aztecs. I am amazed by the amount of gold they had and their willingness to share with you. Hopefully the king will see past the violence and deaths that you have taken and give you more power considering the fact that you have made Spain even wealthier then before. But my main question is why did you kill so many of the Aztecs after they were willing to give you their gold?

    -Zheng He

  4. Wow, what success you had conquering the Aztecs, as myself conquered the Inca's. But I'm wondering if you hadn't been so harsh in trying to conquer, maybe you would have gotten the recognition. I do believe you deserve it...after all you did conquer a vast community. And how much Christianity were you able to spread to the Mayas? Are most of them converted? I am just wondering.

    -Francisco Pizarro