Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Francisco Pizarro-The Diary of My Success

Nicole Palacino
Francisco Pizarro

I was born in Trujillo, Spain into a family of poverty, such that my poor education has always been an embarrassment when speaking with Spanish nobles. Yesterday I left with a crew in search of gold and silver in the New World. I hope to establish a Spanish colony there. Things are moving fairly well, and we hold out hope that it will stay that way.
Francisco PizarroIt has now been about 7 years and we just made an attempt to conquer land near Panema for a colony. We were horibly unsuccessful. We are now being rescued from the only surviving ship by Vasco Núñez de Balboa, a Spanish explorer, after having seen our only other ship sink while there was nothing we could do. 
It is now 1523, and I am the mayor of a city in Panema, but I hunger for more. I long to find the Indian kingdom just south of my location filled with gold and silver.
I have sent an expedition to the kingdom, and rumors of the large quantities of gold are to be heard everywhere.
They have successfully returned with a few gold pieces, and these have motivated me to search for more.
Today I have promised any men that stay on my side of my line in the sand that they will be rich, while those on the other side will stay as poor as the rest of the region. I will use the thirteen men to commence my second expedition. 
I am back in Panema, due to the shock we received at seeing the large wealth of the kingdom. We are now operating under the support of the Spanish king.
In order to conquer the city from Atahualpa, I had to collect the ransom he put up for himself to counter my attempt to rule  through him, and then execute him. I have now collected numerous valuable metals such as ten twenty-foot blocks of silver. However the society is suffering European illnesses, and they are in chaos. They have begun to starve, but the new emperor regrouped the Incan army, and I can only hope for more success to come.

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  1. What caused Pizarro to be terribly unsuccessful one time and a different time successful?

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  3. I praise your ability to rise from poverty and become a successful explorer! I hope you are able to find the gold you desire and for your colony to succeed. Do you think you will get help from Spain to regroup?
    - Ferdinand Magellan