Sunday, March 31, 2013

Extra Credit- Jessie Sawyer

The Classical civilizations, the Renaissance and Reformation, and the Collision are all connected through people with strong and intelligent minds.  In the Classical Civilizations there were many great greek philosophers, such as Aristotle and Socrates.  Aristotle said, "One should not regard democracy, in the way some are now accustomed to do... nor should one regard oligarchy as being where few have control over the regime," which means democracy should not be considered the way people are used to thinking, and neither should oligarchy because few people have control over the government.  Aristotle was very wise, just like Da Vinci during the renaissance period.  Da Vinci wanted to know exactly how the body functioned.  He wanted to know how the muscles moved, and he "began jotting down other topics he would have to cover."  Da Vinci had to learn about all of these different topics that were  not already discovered, which made many others learn about the different things he found.  Cortes was not a educator or a man who wanted to learn and discover the body like Da Vinci, but he was an explorer, and was a leader during the collision.  He lead many of the Spanish to conquer Mexico.  Cortes used his strong military strategy and intelligent mind to take over Mexico successfully.  The three units can be connected by the strong intelligent people during the time.

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