Sunday, March 31, 2013

Term 3 Extra Credit

Term 3 Extra Credit 
Eunice Lee

        Among different units we studied this year, I feel strong connection between the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and the World War II unit. Industrial Revolution had indirect influence on World War II because it stimulated the Europeans to compete against each other for profit and productivity, which eventually built tension to spark two series of World War. As England became the most industrialized nation in the world, other nations such as Germany, France, and Holland strived to catch up their economy with England. The Europeans desire to make their industry dominant caused them to colonize other parts of the world such as Africa and exploited natural resources and labor forces to boost their economy, which was the start of imperialism. Although Industrial Revolution provided better opportunity for the neglected class, from the perspective of transformation in humanity, the human’s selfish greed for wealth and property has caused these kinds of competition, abuse of the colony, and tension among nations. The tensions between European nation piled up and exploded as World War I. Despite the attempt to avoid another war, there were people who still desired to become superior to other nation through any means. Such as Hitler in Germany, who blamed on the Jews for their economic hardship and loss of war so that he can unify the Germans to restore their nation and become dominant;thus, World War II was inevitable. Moreover, human’s avarice for wealth and power caused some dictatorial leaders to use realpolitik, diplomacy based primarily on power and material factors, rather than ethical notion. From our imperialism unit, the Belgium emperor, King Leopold used realpolitik to get rubbers and labor forces at Congo. There were Congolian slaves who died because of the excessive labor and assault from the Belgium observer. Similarly, in World War II, Hitler used realpolitik in which he disseminated propagandas that showed the Jewish concentration camp as an peaceful and friendly place, which in fact was created in a purpose of a massive genocide. Therefore, all of these three units connects with the common human selfish nature for possession and power that caused conflicts and mistreatments of certain groups.

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