Monday, March 11, 2013

Ferdinand Magellan-VK

Hello my friends, my name is Ferdinand Magellan and I am Portuguese, I worked for the king and when I asked for as pay raise I was denied, so I went to work for Spain instead. On September 20th of the year 1529 I left Spain to go look for new land. I made it to Brazil and hoped to find a river connecting it to the western ocean, however we were unsuccessful so my fleet and I docked in San Julian for the winter. During our stay we had a munity and my men and I killed three of the other captains.
In August of 1520 we left San Julian and traveled to the tip of South America. We went in-between South America and Antarctica, along a small strip of sea that we named the Straight of Magellan. Then we finally reached the western sea! We were used to the choppy seas so we named this new sea we found the pacific, which means peaceable. We continued north until we reached Guam, this was March 16th, in the year 1521. Unfortunately, a bought of scurvy racked my loyal crew and many of them died. We then were forced to sail on when then we found the Philippines! I claimed this new land for Spain.
There were many islands in this new land and a leader from one of them, the island of Cebu wished to help the Spanish empire, and I was very grateful for I did not want to cause to much conflict. Then on April 27th, 1521we attempted to take over another island, using force, and many of my men, including myself were killed.'
My crew continued on and did eventually reach the Spice Islands on November 8th, 1521. We were the first Europeans to circumnavigate the globe!


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  1. it is so nice to hear that people are aiding my country spain!I will warn you though, they do not give the proper people credit. what a shame for you were killed because of your use of force. Force normally has not proven to fail, but i see it has for you, too bad.

  2. Do you think that being somewhat greedy (with the attempt at the pay raise and the attempt to take over an island) changed your fate for the better or for the worse? Personally I took nothing I was not offered on my voyage and all ended well.

  3. I am sorry that your crew was unsuccessful on September 20, 1529 and had to spend the long winter in San Julian. But I am happy that your were able to discover new land before your tragic death. How did you manage to discover that you traveled around the world and were the first to circumnavigate the globe?

  4. Wow! What an amazing adventure you had! Its quite interesting how you were able to go around the whole globe, but may I ask how did you know where you were while traveling? How were you able to navigate your way around well? Just wondering!

    -Francisco Pizarro

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these tales from your adventures, and from what i read quite an adventure it was. First off i love the fact that you took on Spains side for the journey, and i am very sorry for the fact of your crew. It is always sad when a loyal crew is taken from you by disease, they would have been proud of your discoveries. Sincerely -Hernando Cortes

  6. Hey you worked for spain as well? That's great and means you're like a brother from another mother! well it seems that you had an amazing journey and made many of the same tails as I did. How did all of your guys cope with the scurvy's? many of my men died of sicknesses too while on the trip. At least you made peace with the place you conquer.

    The One and Only,
    Cristoforo Columbo