Monday, March 11, 2013

Zheng He: First Voyage ~Mariah L

I am Zheng He and I am a Chinese explorer. I was assigned to explore for China and I was the admiral to the emperor. I went towards India but along the way I found myself in Indonesia and Champa (which nowadays people refer to as Vietnam) to trade. My first voyage was very successful and I even defeated a pirate named Chen Zuyi! In Champa, the people gave rare aloe wood, rhinoceros horn, and elephant ivory as tribute to give to the Emperor. I also traded silk for spices in Java and traded coral, pepper, pearls, and precious jewels with merchants in India.  The trade went smoothly and there were no conflicts until I came upon a pirate in the Straits of Malacca named Chen Zuyi. I battled and captured him. He was then taken to Nanjing and executed. I had help from a Chinese inhabitant of Palembang in Sumatra. That man was then made a ruler who was loyal to the Ming, and in turn China gave protection.In this way, China had some control over foreign lands. In my travels, my country mainly gained many unique trade items. In my first voyage, they did not lose control. I mainly went for trade and to make stronger bonds with those unions. After I left from my first voyage in India and my other stops, the relationship with the country I left behind, because of the defeat of Chen Zuyi, was rather friendly.


  1. Quite spiffy how you guys got tons of new goods to trade. Not being slain in battle must have been nice too. Oh, and making friends with other countries is a good idea for alliances and trade and helpful things like that. -Ferdinand Magellan

  2. Since you are so friendly with the country, do you continue to have access to trade with them? This seems like an ideal trading opportunity! Very nice job with not creating bad relationships with the people so that this opportunity opened up.
    Francisco Pizarro

  3. What the heck you too? why aren't we getting to the right places? and you fought a pirate? where did you find the skills and time? I would have been discovered four island by the time you traded your goods. Well we all aren't the greatest at conquering land now are we? But I guess you did well in the fact that no one was trying to kill all your men while you were away. I think it's good you made good ties with those people.

    The One and Only,
    Cristoforo Columbo