Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The One and Only, Christopher Columbus

Dear Journal,
      Yes I am from Italy, yes I am exploring for Spain, and yes I did go on an expedition to India but ended up go to Americas and Caribbean islands, but there is one thing for sure, my discovery of the new lands were vital to history and will go down in the books forever. Although the natives were I guess occupying the land before we came in, I feel as though we never got along after they killed 1000 of my men while I went to tell the king and queen that I have made an important discovery. I didn't like that because then I had to kill many of them and although it made it easier to reach their resources it was  sad. Well I am now I'm boarding my ship and going back to spain, apparently the king and queen want to talk to me  about my decision on commanding that the people choose a new governor.

The One and Only
-Cristoforo Columbo 

Notes on explorer:
1. Italy. real birth name was Cristoforo Columbo

2. He was Italian who was exploring for spain.

3.He was going to India but ended up in America.

4.He found islands around the Caribbean as well as the americas that were being occupied by it's natives.

5.A conflict that Columbus had to have faced was having his men killed by the natives when he came back to the islands with 1000 colonist

6. Because in europe they were so advance, it was easier to control other lands foreign to columbus by taking over and claiming Spain's  new territory. 

7. They gain discovery and exposure to new lands.

8. A lot of the discovered land lost it's resources, people, and land.

9. The people didn't really get along, so much so that when columbus went back to spain to inform the queen and king, men back in the americas were getting killed by the natives. 

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