Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christopher Columbus' Voyage


I, Christopher Columbus, was born in Genoa Italy in the year 1451.  I lived in Spain, and explored for them.  I have had many journeys and have traveled to many different places.  I have made 4 large voyages to the Caribbean and South America between 1492 and 1504.

In May 1476, I was a crew member on a ship, but the convoy was attacked, and the ship got wrecked, but I made it to shore.  I settled in Lisbon, where my brother lived, and took advantage of the opportunity to learn mathematics and astronomy.  In 1478 I was captain of a merchant ship, but it was an unsuccessful trading mission to Madeira.  I later wed and had a son named Diego.  In the early 1480's I made a voyage to the Portugese trading company of Sao Jorge da Mina.  On my way back, I decided to further my great idea that it is faster and easier to get to Asia by sailing westward.  In 1484, I tried to sell my idea to the Portugese.
      In April 1492,  Queen Isabella an d King Ferdinand of Spain agreed to my idea and sponsored me on my voyage.

   On my final expedition, I ran into much hurricane troubles.  We summoned for help, but waited a year until rescue.  After returning to Spain, I learned that I had lost my position as governer of the Indies and chief support from Isabella. I later died on May 20th, 1506.

Jessie Sawyer
Christopher Columbus



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  1. Dear Christopher, did you find any special materials during your voyages? I sure have–lots of gold!

    -Hernando Cortez