Monday, January 14, 2013

Alison- Administrator of Small Business Administration

The Administrator of Small Business Administration,  is a position, first created in 1976,  that is meant to advocate for and protect small business, companies with fewer than 500 employees, in the federal government by helping to create programs that will protect them. The office is broken up into four different offices within the Administration, Advocacy, Ombudsman, Inspector General, and SBA Programs. The office of advocacy is meant to provide the public with information on small business, for example their rates of growth and employment. They act as lobbyists in the Congress, White House, and in other federal government agencies, speaking for the concerns of small business. The Ombudsman office works to repeal excessive fines or penalties by the federal government that may harm small business. The Inspector General Office investigates into SBA programs and works to make sure that waste and misconduct isn't occurring in the office's operations. Finally the SBA has a number of programs that help American's looking to start up and maintain their small business, because they recognize that small business is one of the most powerful factors in opportunity and economic growth.

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  1. Profitable small businesses need all the help they can get from advocacy groups like the SBA...

    WAHM Shelley... :)