Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Will Hartnett Extra Credit Term 2

Will Hartnett
Extra Credit Term 2
Before taking this course I had a vague interest in politics. I was always intrigued by both local and national elections but was never really able to grasp what was going on. I believed that our government had a perfect, fair way in which it handled elections and day-to-day responsibilities. This course broke down my idealistic view of our government. From the Electoral College to Super PACS it became clear to me that our government is not perfect and our system for electing officials is still, in many ways, a work in progress. In terms of campaigning I was shocked that many of the primary strategies candidates use date all the way back to Ancient Rome. At the same time I was amazed at just how big of a role technology has played in the more recent elections.
When the actual election approached I was excited to finally have an understanding of what was going on. I could look at the map of big red and blue states and grasp what it meant and just how significant certain states were. In addition to this, exit polling was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Being immersed in a new community in Boston with just a clipboard and a list of questions was both intimidating and exciting. Seeing people so enthusiastic about their candidates made me proud to be from a country in which things like this are possible. I was able to gain an insight into how other people made their choices and what they valued in a President, it was eye opening. I have never really associated myself with a certain party. After this class I am even more unsure at to which side I support and am okay with that. Our class discussions brought about so many good points for both sides that, many times, I was unable to formulate one single opinion. What I did learn is that both sides have great ideas and are extremely passionate about what they believe in. As I look forward to the next four years of my life I will not soon forget what I have learned in this class. I am now considering either a major or minor in political science and look forward to continuing my studies. I had never really thought that my interest in politics would turn into a passion, but thanks to the wide range of course work and engaging discussions, I am happy to say that I have developed a passion for politics. AMERICA!

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