Friday, January 25, 2013

Extra Credit term 2: Charlotte Brick jan.25.2013

When writing the nationalism essay I created three drafts until I turned my final essay in. The first draft was created from my outline which was then peer edited. My second draft was edited by my older sister, which seemed to help me a lot. Then for the third draft that lead me to my final, I edited it myself for spelling mistakes and finalized a couple of ideas. My sources for feedback where my sister who is in college, a classmate and myself. Next writing assignment I definitely would like to spend more time creating drafts that lead me to my final. The most common type of feedback that I received was to connect my analysis back to my thesis as well as elaborating on my ideas more instead of just mentioning something and jumping to the next thing. I think an issue that I struggle with is actually voicing my ideas in an organized manner more effectively. I find that sometimes I try to fit in too many ideas that don’t quite relate exactly to my thesis. Next writing assessment I want to visit the lab, and try to organize my ideas better with thorough evidence that connects directly to the thesis. One example in my first body paragraph is; “Nationalism may seem like a deconstructive force but in reality it is constructive because it brought people together through struggling commonalities that they shared.” Then after revising it became “Although at first glance nationalism may seem like a deconstructive force, it is in reality constructive because the brutality that they faced brought the populace together through universal struggles that allowed people to share and create a stronger dominant nation.”. The transition from the first draft to final showed how taking the time to work hard on the way I express my thoughts allows the message that I am trying to convey be portrayed more easily.

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