Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evan Megan term 2 extra credit

Evan Megan
Term 2 Extra Credit
            In the nationalism essay I used formative assessment. Using feedback from you, my classmates, Mr. Kelton, and my mom, I was able to improve my essay. My most common feedback was to create more specific evidence and analysis. Thanks to formative assessment I was able to improve on this flaw throughout the drafts of my essay. For example, during peer edits, a classmate told me that I should find a specific event in which Gandhi peacefully protested against the British, rather than just broadly stating that he staged many peaceful protests. Using this feedback, I changed my evidence from Gandhi led peaceful protests, to Gandhi led the salt march, which protested British salt taxes. However, in my later drafts it was harder to completely change evidence, so rather than creating more specific evidence I created more specific analysis, which better targeted my claim.
            Throughout my three drafts, my essay improved due to formative assessment. Specific feedback helped me target my errors. In the future I know to avoid the same mistakes, I can put in the extra leg work to find good specific evidence before creating drafts. 

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