Friday, January 25, 2013

Term 2 extra credit-Will Luzaitis

Will Luzaitis
Extra Credit                                               

              In my imperialism essay this semester I feel through multiple drafts and revisions my essay improved. I had two drafts and also one revise paragraph in the end. I feel that even though I only had a couple a drafts it was a lot better then if I had just wrote one draft and turned it in. After my first draft I got feedback from mrs. Palferman, my learning center teacher, and also from the history lab. The most common feedback I got from these sources was to improve my analysis and to conect my evidence back to my argument.
            After receiving this feedback, I began to look through my analysis and try to think how my evidence is good evidence for my argument. I also tried to create more detailed and specific points to argue. In the future I will try to prevent these mistakes by making sure to have good analysis's in my organizer. By doing this I will have everything I need for when I start to right my essay. One area I did improve on though in my Imperialism Essay was finding good evidence for my argument but I did not explain what it was evidence.

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