Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Giuliana Psyhogeos Term2 Extra Credit

The formative assessment from this term was the Nationalism Essay.  I completed three drafts, the first was from class out-line which was used for peer-editing, the second based off the lab-visit feedback, and finally my final.  The sources of the feedback I received was from both the peer-editing workshop and the lab-visit.  The most common feedback I received was from both the lab and a peer was that I had to make a factual observation about Nationalism in my thesis.  This placing an actual observation in my thesis not just an idea, this further strengthening the thesis.  I will prevent this mistake in the future by checking for facts that I can put right into my thesis to make an observation, but then make an argument off the fact.  In my original thesis as my observation I wrote, "....allowing the people to make equally important sacrifices, leading them to self government".  After visiting the lab I rewrote the observation to sound more like, "....the people share an overall goal to self-govern, therefore emphasizing a national rather than international goal".  This formative assessment helped expand my idea into a thesis and then into a full essay. 
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