Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alison LePard Extra Credit

Alison LePard
Political Science
Extra Credit

How has this course shaped your understanding of and interaction with presidential politics in the U.S.?

This course has changed how I look at presidential politics because it has informed me about the current issues, made me more aware about the problems we face as a nation, and forced me to think critically about possible solutions and resolutions to problems.  By gaining information on these subjects, I gained insight that, prior to the class, I did not have.   Now with the knowledge I have acquired, I can use the critical thinking I have gained in class to establish well-informed opinions on global issues. In the past, I have allowed my opinions on politics and governmental affairs to be influenced perhaps too much by the media. However, now by learning more about the history and role of the President, as well current issues such as gun control and relations with China, I feel I can confidently form strong arguments to support my views.  This course has also helped me to look at the President as more of politician who, at times, will do things that benefit himself or his reputation that may harm or fail to help others. Overall, I feel that politics, something I have always an interest in but never was very informed, is now an area in which I have a stronger interest.  I look forward to researching further on my own and in college. 

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