Monday, January 28, 2013

term 2 Extra Credit - Steven Sampson

The formative assessments that we worked on throughout the year helped in developing my skills in writing through constructive feedback which allowed for exploration in writing and the ability to improve my writing. One example of when formative assessments helped to develop my skills in writing in with the British imperialism paper. In the imperialism paper, a group and I devised a thesis that we all agreed on and began to write out our paper outlines. Together we explored different ideas of how to create a concrete paper that displayed the good and bad in contrast. In the drafts that were edited I explored different possibilities on how to create contrast which would support my argument that the British were mostly justified. In the feedback that i received it entailed that there were moments of unsupported claims or not enough analysis which created a weaker overall argument. With this feedback and editing from peers it allowed me to improve as a writer and realize the mistakes that often occur. Overall, I believe that formative assessments that we worked on did help me to become a better writer and learn new ways of creating strong papers and paragraphs.

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