Friday, January 25, 2013

Extra Credit Term 2 Sarah Hollingsworth

Extra Credit Term 2
Sarah Hollingsworth

The writing assignment I chose in which we used formative assessment is my nationalism essay. For the essay, I completed a total of six drafts. The first draft I wrote was an essay outline, which was then revised by both my peers and a teacher in the history lab. The second draft was similar to the original essay outline, except I incorporated the feedback I received into the first draft. After my second draft of my essay outline, I started writing the essay itself. After I finished my first draft of the essay (which was my third draft so far in the process), I edited it. After making the edits, which lead me to my fourth draft, I asked my mom to edit it and give me feedback. By applying her feedback, that led me to my fifth draft, which I lastly edited for spelling and grammar, leading me to my sixth and final draft. The sources of feedback I received for my essay outline came from my peers and a teacher from the social studies lab; whereas, for the four drafts of my essays, my mom and myself were my sources of feedback.
 On both the essay and the essay outline, the most common feedback I received was “connect further to the thesis statement” and “work on stronger analysis.”  When writing essays, one of the goals I have is to keep the feedback I’ve received in mind, so I can make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again.  When editing essays myself, after someone has given me feedback, one way that I address my improvement is by highlighting examples of where I have changed my writing to incorporate some of their feedback. Keeping feedback that I commonly get from peers/teachers in the back of my mind when writing essays is a positive way for me to prevent making similar mistakes in my writing in the future. 

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