Monday, January 14, 2013

Presidential Cabinets: Ricky Mariscal

Ricky Mariscal

The US Department of Agriculture is primarily responsible for maintaining and regulating the agricultural markets. It works to protect agricultural lands in order to enhance the amount of crops farmers produce, and helps to develop and protect farmland in the US. The department provides financial assistance to farmers through credit programs, and helps farmers by regulating and assisting the agricultural market. In addition to these duties, the Secretary of Agriculture is also tasked with regulating the food and drug industries, in order to verify that said products are safe for American consumers. The Secretary of Agriculture is overall responsible for the welfare of farmers and consumers of food and drug products.

Health and Human Services:
The Department of Health and Human Services is designed to assist people in providing essential human services, especially to those who are least capable of providing the for themselves. The Department is responsible for more money than all other departments combined, and overseas major federal assistance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. As such a huge department, it encapsulates 11 different operating divisions and 300 local programs, all of which are overseen by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. With so many local divisions, the Secretary acts as the top of a hierarchical system, and a major figure for some of the biggest federal programs in the US.

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