Friday, September 14, 2012

Although an increased population will produce more workers, when the population increases too rapidly there will be a shortage of resources leaving more people in poverty due to their reckless reproduction. In order to live people need food. By reproducing too often there was less food for each individual and the quality of their lives declined. Diseases, floods, and poor working conditions took many people’ s lives regulating the excess growth of the population. Shortening people’s lives allowed more resources for everyone. To prevent the poor population from expanding, it was important that each household did not have more children than they could afford. In many cases families produced more kids than their income could provide for leaving them filled with unfair resentment towards their society and the rich. Poorer families thought that having more kids meant having more people helping out for work, when in reality it was just lessening the society's resources that could not keep up with the exponential growth of the population which in turn increased the poverty throughout the society.
Emily K. Kandarian


  1. I think it might sound better if you combined the sentences In order to live poeple need food with by reproducing to often. also although you talk about the poor's role you do not mention them in your thesis

  2. Overall the paragraph is well written, although some evidence is kind of stating the obvious.

  3. Wonderful paragraph however I think you should add a little more evidence from the reading, supporting your thesis.