Thursday, September 13, 2012

Malthus paragraph

Although it's human nature to reproduce Malthus argues that personal and overall population should be porportionate to the amount of access to food through checks in preventative and positive ways. malthus believes in preventative checks which limit family size. The bigger the family the harder it is to support. When a man gets low wages it's not easy to take care of a large family. So the man should reason with himself to have a family he can support within his means. With smaller families more food will go to each person and there will be a healthier population. But Malthus also thinks that poverty, famine, disease and wars are important to keep the population balance. He calls these positive checks but believes they can keep the population low but more healthy because food can be spread. Even though positive checks are usually though of as bad and when they happen usually the people affected recieve help Malthus thinks they are all a part of life and are important to keep the population steady. Through these checks the population will go down but so will the rates of poverty and starvation and overall everyone left will live a healthy and good life.
-Alex McGinn


  1. Excellent job on portraying Malthus' ideas. To improve the paragraph I would recommend going into what Malthus thinks of how things are going then, and what will happen if the population keeps rising as it is.

    1. thanks for feedback. i will use it to show in more detail what happens when the population keeps rising to fast for the food.

  2. Nice job Alex. Maybe consider adding extra details about the fundamental reasons behind why Malthus believes the poor are poisoning the rest of society.

  3. Good job refering to everything in your thesis. I think the use of transitions may help your paragraph become clearer. It also may help to include the poor people's contribution to the food shortage.
    -Evan Megan