Friday, September 14, 2012

Although it is human nature to reproduce, Malthus argued that personal and overall population should be proportionate to supply of food through positive and preventive checks. Malthus believed that these two types of checks holds the population within limits. A positive check according to Malthus is a way to keep the population in control through natural causes. Those natural cause include disease, natural disasters, and anything that causes death naturally. Although the name of this population control is rather morbid, it is also true. The preventive check is limiting the size of families. According to Malthus “When the wages of a labour are hardly sufficient to maintain two children man marries and has five of six”(99). One of the ways to keep population in check is through abstinence, the restraint of sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, man still reproduces and “the last person he would think of causing is himself”(99). If these limit could possibly taken less lightly, many would not be in danger of starvation or unsanitary conditions that could lead to disease.


  1. Although your two pieces of evidence are clear to tell, you could use transitions. Also, you could use more analysis on your second piece of evidence. I also feel that you never addressed the food supply issues you stated in your the thesis, and addressing it could make your argument much stronger. -Evan Megan

    1. Thanks Evan your constructive criticism helped built my argument especially about the supply issue.

  2. I like your evidence, it's strong and specific and it supports your well crafted thesis. However I think you could use deeper analysis to connect to your thesis, add a "so what?". In addition, try to round off your paper in a way to open it up.