Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mathus paragraph

Man has the power to control the population and food through preventative checks balancing the birth rate brought on by the poor blaming the rich, therefore not taking responsibility for their poverty, which causes an inequality between the number of people and the food. I think that Malthus’s big point is that people need to control the amount of kids that they are having because it obviously affects the population number. Therefore, if the population becomes too much for the food supply to handle everyone doesn’t get the food that they need. He begins to speak of ways to control this ever-rising population by using preventative check being natural or government decisions. He almost promotes the natural disasters to lower the population but leans more towards the idea of having people control the amount of children they give birth to. But then the problem arises as to the poor complaining that they are not receiving enough food to keep their families alive. Malthus comes back with the argument that if they had listened and kept the amount of kids they had down then they wouldn’t have a problem at all. His big goal is to balance out the population with the food to satisfy everyone and keep the problems to a minimum. 
-Peter Hereu


  1. Good paragraph, but try and not say "I". In addition, your paragraph is explaining Malthus' point of view, when it can be more meaningful if you use Malthus' words as evidence, but use your own voice, without saying Malthus.

  2. Thanks Nate I will use your feedback and use more of his evidence. maybe even a quote to show it is malthus point not mine.

  3. I like how you revised our thesis and I think that overall you have a strong paragraph. I don't think that you need the "almost" in "He almost promotes natural disasters..." and instead of saying "he comes back with the argument" you can just say "Malthus argues that..." instead.

  4. The part about the positive and preventative checks is unclear. You need to explain more clearly what is a positive check and what is a preventative check. Other than that you connect to your theis well.