Friday, September 14, 2012

Malthus Paragraph

Eunice Lee
                    Draft #1

Although the increase of population produces more labor, when the population overcomes amount of food supply, it eventually puts the people into endless poverty due to their reckless reproduction.

As the population grew rapidly,  it increased the productivity by the increase in labor. As a result, it gave pleasures to human by the innovations and improvements. However, the rapid increase in population have created extreme poverty, disease and epidemics that distress the human’s life. Malthus points out that the citizens who are poor reproduce their off springs in order to supplement incomes to escape from poverty are the ones who exacerbates the poverty by increasing the population. He suggests that in order to keep perfectible society, there must be equality between the amount of food produced and the number of population , which can be established by limitation of population growth and checking the popluation. First is the preventive check. The citizens needs to calculate the amount of each share that will be spent to sustain his/her family so that he/she knows their ability to raise another child. Second, the positive check of the population by anything that contributes to shorten the duration of human life such as sever labor, famine, disease and etc. Malthus says that the cause of the poverty is not by the government, it is caused by the citizens who continuously work and reproduce. 


  1. great part on how the poor make their situation worse, but you do not talk about how the checks specifically apply to the poor as Malthus belived

    1. Now that I read back, I agree because Malthus main point was toward the poor who should do preventive checks and etc.

  2. Good job eunice! Be sure to include the dynamic between the rich and the poor and why Malthus does not like the poor.

  3. Great paragraph! Try switching to a synonym for "increased" in the 2nd sentence because its a little repetitive if you have the word twice in a sentence. Nice transition words as well as use of vocabulary.