Friday, September 14, 2012

Malthus Paragraph


Although the educated man is perfectible, the poor man is unable to recognize the need for both natural and preventative checks which prevent an unstable ratio between a population and its resources. Malthus believes that humanity is reproducing at such a rapid rate that it will eventually outgrow its resources. He believes that the poor are the source of the problem, because they cannot control themselves and have too many children. This results in them living beyond their means. Malthus says that natural and preventative checks should be used to control the population. Natural checks are thing like war, famine, and natural disasters that decrease the population. Preventative checks are measures that should be taken by the government to make sure people don't have too many children. Malthus also  believes that you should live within your means. Poor people have less money to support a family, so they should have fewer children. Rich people have more money to support a family, so they could have more children.


  1. good but i think that it isnt the fact that richer people have more money and poor people have little to none, malthus is saying that there wont be enough food in time if the poor keep reproducing at that rate

    1. Thanks. Now that you point that out I realize that I focused a little too much on the financial problem and didn't talk about the population outgrowing the food enough.

  2. Good, but i would add some transitions. Also, try using better word choice. For example, when you are talking about the natural checks- you say " checks are thing like..." i would choose a different word to replace "thing".

  3. I liked the closing sentence although I wish that you could broaden it out instead of analysis at the end of a paragraph also instead of saying what Malthus believes you could show with evidence from the text.

  4. I liked the way you explained what positive and preventative checks were. You need to close your paragrphh better and have a conclusion sentence that ties all your info together.