Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Malthus Paragraph 
Draft 1           

Malthus thinks that population will forever outgrow the resources needed to sustain life, therefore creates a list of strong, constructive principles society should follow. Malthus believes that population should be checked , and unchecked population increases in a geometrical ration, while subsistence only in an arithmetical ratio. Therefore, food, which is necessary for survival should be kept equally distributed. Also, Malthus considers positive checks of population, death by society to be a natural form of limiting the population. Lastly, Malthus is certain that population and poverty mixed leads to accusations of wages, parishes, rich and un-justs of society because one cannot provide for his family. While a large population gives factories more employees, it causes the food supply to run low, therefore causing positive and preventive checks to be necessary, in order to prevent the poor from overpopulating and blaming the government.  
-Diana Katsikaris


  1. Use your thesis statement as a topic sentence and make the topic sentence you have now your conclusion, it will make the paragraph stronger.

  2. Hi Diana, your paragraph really builds on each sentence but I would rephrase the second sentence, it's a bit confusing. It could maybe even be made into two sentences if you choose to edit it.

    1. Thanks Jelani...and okay does this sound better: "Malthus believes in checking population. Unchecked population increases in a geometrical ratio while subsistence only in a arithmetical ratio."

  3. Diana- Your paragraph is a strong one, where you have supporting information to backup each sentence. The only thing is what Sarah said was that have your thesis your topic sentence and close similarly to the way you already did.

  4. Ugh gorgeous paragraph. I like how each detail and specific is being explained so that if someone were completely new to this topic, they would have full understanding of Malthus' ideas.