Friday, September 14, 2012

Malthus Paragraph Evan Megan

Thomas Malthus on Population Paragraph

            Although the educated man is perfectible, the poor man is unable to recognize the need for natural and preventive checks, which prevent an unstable ratio between population and resources. Now at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the population of Europe is growing exponentially while food production is growing at a linear rate. The exponential growth of the population is immensely greater than that of food production, which foreshadows the lack of food that will result from the steady growing population. To prevent the lack of food, the relation between food production and population growth should be kept equal. Also, the imbalance of food production and population growth can be blamed on the poor people. The poor people have families of many children, despite the fact that they can only afford to feed a few. This contributes to the imbalance of population growth and resources because now society is made up of families with more people than could be fed. Lastly, the imbalance can be solved by the application of population checks. Preventive checks limit the family sizes, while positive checks limit the population through deaths by poverty, disease, famine, etc. These checks create a place in which the resources can sustain the population.  Ultimately the unstable ratio between resources and population is to be blamed by the poor people, but It can be fixed through the application of checks.


  1. Evan, the thesis is great! It really captures the essence of Malthus' argument. However, since this is writing in history, you should use the past tense but I understand why you used the present tense. Also, I think you could connect the problem of food shortage to why the poor people are to blame a little more clearly. You have good specific evidence and the analysis supports the argument well.

    1. Thank you for the comment Lamia, I will make sure to keep my second draft in the same tense as well as connecting the problem of food shortage to the poor people.

  2. I liked the paragraph as a whole, but I think at the end of the paragraph you could have ended with a better sentence that close of the paragraph off as well as became more general.

  3. to keep it short and sweet, great paragraph, maybe you could mention how its mens nature to reproduce and how their lack of education prevents them from understanding what the impact of their eagerness to reproduce is causing, pce, btw nice hat

  4. It seems as if you wrote some of this paragraph in present tense ("now at the dawn"). Also, you could explain a little bit more in depth about how the exponential reproduction rate will lead to the downfall of the society. yeah, so go raiders.

  5. I LOVE ITTT!!!! nice job!!! i really like the first three sentences!!! however, positive check is a big piece of the argument and i Would try to fit it in .... only if its with ones sentence.