Thursday, September 13, 2012

Malthus Paragraph

Although the poor lack the self restraint of the rich and wealthy to reproduce beyond the population that the food supply is able to support, the population must be governed in order to supply the demands of the rest of the population through preventive and positive population checks.
    With a population that is exponentially growing beyond the limits that the food supply could sustain, Thomas R. Malthus provides insight into the fact that it is the poor percentage of the population that is to blame because of their inability to control their reproduction rate. Malthus also provides some insight into solutions for such a problem, Malthus believes that the population must be proportional to the food that is at hand. Malthus also believes that there must be population checks and in preventive and positive forms of population checks. According to Malthus, the preventive check is in the hands of men and their ability to make judgements. On the other hand, positive population checks arise from vice or misery and include becoming exposed to diseases, epidemics, wars, etc.


  1. Great way to point out the author of this original idea such as using "Thomas R. Malthus provides..". The Thesis has the analysis of what Malthus argues. It would be great if you can add some more detail about the preventive check because according to the reading, it seems like there was something else than "their ability to make judgements". Maybe going back to the reading and look up the preventive checks might be helpful. Other than that, overall seems pretty fluent and clear.

    1. Thanks for the insight Eunice. I'll really look into making those adjustments.

  2. it is a good paragraph but you need to end it in a more complete way. also you need to relate your evidence back to your thesis more. you also have to make your evidence more specific but overall A+ work.

  3. Good paragraph but you need to end the paragraph better because it isn't wrapped up at the end good. The start is also a lil confusin and could be made less complacated. A good job done overall.