Friday, September 14, 2012

Thomas Malthus On Population Paragraph Draft 1

Although the rapid population growth allowed for a higher rate of efficiency in manual labor, the Earth not being able to provide enough sustinence caused a conflict between the wealthy and poor. Since the wealthy had enough material wealth to provide for their families, oftentimes the poor looked to these people with jealousy and anger. They blamed the wealthy for their misfortunes and pointed a finger at just about everybody but themselves. It was not the rich's conflict with the poor, but rather the poor's conflict with the rich. Also the famine and disease frequently hit the lower class the hardest, which caused an even greater rift between the two classes. It is not society's fault for the poor's misfortunes Malthus tells us, and this blame further demonstrates the lack of acceptance among the poor in acknowledging that they are their own cause of misfortune. While the wealthy could have as many kids   as they pleased, and support them all, the poor were not so lucky. If a man could only support two kids then the man would go ahead and have several more. the inability to limit oneself based on one's annual income causes the uncertainty that lies ahead once the sixth or seventh child is born. Overall it is the poor, not the rich's fault for the poor's unfitness regarding the management of money and life.


  1. I like your paragraph Michael and how you described the gap between the two classes of the poor and the rich. I'd suggest that you make your ending sentence a little more clear since it is kind of confusing to read. Overall great job though!

  2. Your paragraph has really strong evidence but like emily said just make the last sentence more clear and also just read it over again for grammar mistakes. Very well written though.

  3. Thank you Carter and Emily,

    When you say change the last sentence, which I agree is somewhat confusing, what would you do to change that. Thanks for the helpful comments.


  4. I love how you used strong evidence from the reading to support your topic sentence. However as Emily and Carter stated, you could make your conclusion a little more clear.