Friday, September 14, 2012

Malthus Paragraph

Although the population increase improves the labor force, Malthus criticizes the lower class for reproducing beyond their limits, insisting upon preventative and positive checks in order to create a balance between population and food. To limit family size and thus the population Malthus believes that men should calculate if they have have enough money to support their families. In other words this preventative check states that one should not have a family if they belong to the lower class. if they can hardly support themselves it would be nearly impossible to support their offspring. Malthus also considers natural disasters such as famine, diseases, and war as a positive check because it cut down the population which balanced out the amount of food available.


  1. Nice paragraph! Maybe add a quote from the reading about what Malthus says about limiting family size.

  2. Good paragraph! I think that you have good evidence here but you need to expand some more on the analysis.

  3. I think you have strong evidence but some parts need to be expanded on. I also think you jump to conclusions in some places; I don't think Malthus was saying the poor should not have a family, but just as big of a family as they can support.

    1. That is a really good point and I will definitely work on that, thanks!

  4. Your paragraph does a good job stating evidence but you may want to consider going in depth and explaining why Malthus thinks the population should be limited. Other than that i think its great! good job!